Ford R. Myers

Ford R. Myers

President, Career Potential, LLC

Author of "Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring"


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Ford R. Myers
Ford R. Myers
President, Career Potential, LLC

P.S. Here are just a few examples of what others have achieved after implementing the strategies they learned from "10 Vital Strategies to Maximize Your Career Success" ...

Cynthia Metzger

"I was offered a great job with a Fortune 100 company. Instead of taking the first offer they made, I successfully negotiated an additional $15,000 dollars onto my base salary!"

– Cynthia Metzger

Steven Nesich

"Gave me the knowledge, the discipline and the confidence to advance to the next level in my career. I now have the foundation and skills to go out and secure a new position!"

– Steven Nesich

Georgette Howell

"I felt more confident and prepared. I aced the interview and received an offer the very next day. It has been a life-saver!"

– Georgette Howell

Lorraine Trocino

"The perfect tool to lead me through my search. Gave me the confidence I needed for successful networking, self-marketing and interviewing!"

– Lorraine Trocino

Jeffrey Fisher

"Discovered how to better prepare and present myself to potential employers. Now I can manage my career, instead of being managed by it."

– Jeffrey Fisher

Elizabeth Frumin

"Amazingly practical and helpful, and a roadmap for success. Thank you for this wonderful career resource!"

– Elizabeth Frumin

Patrick Arkins

"Helped me gain clarity about what I wanted out of my new career, which built my confidence and dramatically increased my focus and efficiency."

– Patrick Arkins


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